Welcome! I’m Kristen, mild mannered librarian by day and insatiable book carnivore by night. I love anything and everything related to books, reading, and the literary world.

Reading Roller Girl

I’ve been an elementary/middle school librarian for 7+ years, but my passion for reading WAY precedes my career. It isn’t a stretch to say that I’ve been passionate about books since the moment my parents first read Goodnight Moon to me (my first word was “moon” – I kid you not.) Reading and talking about books with kids all day is completely awesome, but I realized that I wanted to share my love of literature with adults as well. And so this blog was born!

I created High Shelf Esteem for all my readerly kindred spirits who love the written word and want to enhance their literary lives. Whether you’re a bibliophile, a parent of a bookworm, or have been trying to get through the same book at bedtime for the last 3 months, I am so glad you’re here.

High Shelf Esteem is dedicated to the celebration and exploration of being a reader. My goals: help you find amazing books to read, give tips & tricks for making the most of your reading time, and provide inspiration for a fun and fulfilling literary life.

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Happy reading!