Literary Linking: July 24 – 28

This week’s article topics include: Jane Austen’s masterful irony, Hemingway’s guide to life, feminist children’s books and more!

The best bookish links the week of July 24 – 28 :

The Enduring Legacy of Jane Austen’s “Truth Universally Acknowledged”
Linguist Geoff Nunberg deep dives the opening line of Pride and Prejudice and extols Austen’s literary irony (as he should!).

Hemingway’s Guide To Life in 20 Quotes
Hemingway has some great one-liners here. I find his quote on keeping promises especially amusing: “Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

10 Ways To Organize Your Bookshelf
I’ve always wanted to try organizing my books by color – the result always looks so pretty – but the librarian in me can’t let go of alphabetical order by author’s last name!

15 Believable Excuses for When You Agreed To Plans but You Really Just Want To Stay Home and Read
I feel like I’ve used a bunch of these already… 🙂

30 Feminist Children’s Books that Every Child Should Read
This is a super impressive list! It has a bunch of excellent classics, as well as lesser-known gems.

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