What’s Making Me Happy, Vol. 10

The beautiful bouquet of bookmarks my students made me as a goodbye gift.
March was an incredibly busy month with lots to be happy about:


David Bowie Is
I am a HUGE David Bowie fan, so when I saw that the David Bowie Is exhibit was coming to the Brooklyn Museum for the last stop of its tour, I had to go. So, last week, a friend and I left early in the morning on a bus headed to New York City with the sole purpose of seeing this exhibit, then returned to DC in the evening. It was a lot of travel, but it was so worth it! There were costumes galore, audio (including lots of music) that synced with the displays and screens, original copies of handwritten lyrics, and even Jareth the Goblin King’s crystal ball from Labyrinth 🙂 If you’re a Bowie fan, you have got to check it out.

Bookmarks from My Wonderful Students
March was a month full of transitions, including ending my time as a school librarian. My school was absolutely fantastic, but post-surgery, the 3-hour round-trip commute was too much for me. I needed to make some changes to simplify my life, so now I am working as a public librarian in my county, much closer to home. As a goodbye gift, my students made me the most amazing bookmarks, which I will treasure forever.

The IMDB description for Timeless goes like this: “An unlikely trio travel through time in order to battle unknown criminals and protect history as we know it.” It sounded pretty hackneyed to me, but it got a green-light from The Popcast, which has given fabulous recommendations in the past. I decided to give it a try and I loved it! There’s tons of action, the historic costumes are lots of fun, and the fact it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys will keep you on your toes and wanting to keep watching.  I’ve heard the second season is even better than the first, so there’s some more excellent TV to look forward to.

thinkThin Bars
I’m always looking for ways to save time in the morning, and thinkThin Bars make breakfast a snap. No dishes to clean, no indecision on what to eat, and they’re yummy. I’ve tried other bars before and usually get sick of them pretty quickly, but I’ve found a few flavors of ThinkThin Bars that I’ve continued to enjoy week after week. My favorites are Brownie Crunch, Chocolate Fudge, and Salted Caramel.
I’m embarrassed by how commercial-ly that sounded, but I’m not getting paid to say any of it. I just love me some thinkThin Bars!

Alt-J’s “Dissolve Me”
This song makes me smile every time I hear it. It has bouncy, joyful parts, as well as very calming moments. Just give it a listen. I hope you like it too.

What’s been making you happy recently? Please share in the comments below!

3 responses to “What’s Making Me Happy, Vol. 10”

  1. Allison Avatar

    I hope your new job is working out well! I can attest to the healing powers of cutting out a terrible commute–I also had a 2-3 hour round-trip commute for many years and it was absolutely soul sucking. It can be hard to leave a great job, but what a lovely send-off from your students!

    1. Kristen Avatar

      Things are going well so far. Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. Rachel @ Never Enough Novels Avatar

    When I gush over products I always wonder if people think I’m being sponsored to say it. I wish!! Sometimes we just really really love certain things : )

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