Unique Literary Baby Names for Your Future Bookworm

newborn-with-hatThese days when I scroll through Facebook, here’s what I see: baby, link to article on Trump or Clinton, baby, cool travel shots, babies in a group, advertisement that proves Facebook is stalkery, ultrasound, baby, more babies. Basically, it’s babies, babies, babies! And baby names are getting more and more creative. According to Harper’s Bazaar, some of the top fashionable names are Binx, Rumi, North, Langley, Massimiliano, Sparrow, Coco… It’s getting pretty inventive out there in baby-naming world.

If you’re expecting a new baby and are struggling to find the perfect unique and meaningful name for your progeny, one great place to look is the pages of books. For me, the names of book characters become infused with their personalities and characteristics, and I’d like to think that babies named after super cool protagonists would inherit those super cool traits.

So, for you future parents (or pet owners – these names work great for animals too!), I’ve pulled together a list of book characters with personalities I love who also happen to have interesting and uncommon names. For the sake of full disclosure, I’ve included information on both their positive and negative traits, but don’t fret over the flaws. These characters’ peccadilloes are often what make them so gosh darn lovable.

Also, I wholeheartedly recommend all the books that these characters come from. Click on the titles for more information.

Girls Names

nimonaName: Nimona
Book: Nimona, by Noelle Stevenson
Characteristics: tenacious, humorous, driven, hot-tempered, shape-shifter (she usually turns herself into a shark or a dragon), powerful, impulsive
Notes: The other main characters in this graphic novel also have super fun names: Lord Ballister Blackheart and Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin. Meeting a baby with the name Ambrosius would make my day…


goblet-of-fireName: Hermione
Book: Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling
Characteristics: uber intelligent, loyal, perfectionist, has a strong sense of social justice, bossy, brave
Notes: Even though you’d have to have lived under a rock for the last 15 years to not know this name, I had to include Hermione on the list! She’s smart, loves the library, is always prepared, and isn’t afraid to punch a bully in the nose… what’s not to like???


golden-compassName: Lyra
Book: His Dark Materials trilogy, by Philip Pullman
Characteristics: Courageous, a caring friend, curious, stubborn, resourceful, a persuasive (somewhat deceptive) storyteller
Notes: Her daemon (an external manifestation of the soul in the form of an animal) also has a fabulous name: Pantalaimon.



dumplinName: Willowdean
Book: Dumplin’, by Julie Murphy
Characteristics: resolute, willing to take risks, fearless, comfortable in her own skin
Notes: The title, Dumplin’, comes from the nickname Willowdean’s former beauty-queen mom gave her, and I think it would make a perfect name for an overfed kitty.


Boy Names

cuckoos-callingName: Cormoran
Book: The Cormoran Strike novels, by J.K. Rowling (The Cuckoo’s Calling, The Silkworm, and Career of Evil)
Characteristics: analytical, straight-talker, a tad gruff at times, dedicated, private
Notes: When you first meet Cormoran in Cuckoo’s Calling, he’s pretty much hit rock bottom and doesn’t seem to be a likable human being, but give him some time. You’ll end up loving his rough edges.


cinderName: Kaito (Kai for short)
Book: The Lunar Chronicles series, by Marissa Meyer
Characteristics: diplomatic, optimistic, a bit naive, has a strong sense of duty, sees beyond the surface
Notes: Not only is Kaito a nice dude, his physical description is very impressive. Even the robots in the book think he’s hot!


Anne of Green GablesName: Gilbert
Book: The Anne of Green Gables novels, by L.M. Montgomery
Characteristics: super smart, hard-working, patient, confident (to the point of arrogance at times), forgiving, generous
Notes: I personally love that he gives his teaching position in Avonlea to Anne, so she can stay at Green Gables with Marilla. What a noble fella!


What unique literary names do you think parents-to-be should consider? Write them in the comments below!



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