Literary Linking: January 16 – 20

This week’s articles cover topics including: exercising like your favorite author, the decline of library cats, John Lewis’ books selling out and more!

My favorite bookish links from the week of January 16 – 20:

Obama’s Secret to Surviving the White House Years: Books
“During [Barack Obama’s] eight years in the White House — in a noisy era of information overload, extreme partisanship and knee-jerk reactions — books were a sustaining source of ideas and inspiration, and gave him a renewed appreciation for the complexities and ambiguities of the human condition.”

Rep. John Lewis’s Books Sell Out Following Donald Trump’s Attacks
“One side-effect of Rep. John Lewis’s heated and very public spat with President-elect Donald Trump: ballooning interest in books written by the civil rights icon.”

Library Cats Leave Some Sneezing, Others Feline Fine
“When Browser, the live-in cat of White Settlement (Tex.) Public Library, nearly got furloughed last year, public outcry was tremendous…Though everything turned out alright for the lucky kitty, the incident illustrated just how contentious having a cat in a library can be, even when the cat is popular with patrons. Perhaps that’s why the number of library cats in the United States has declined drastically in recent decades.”

Exercise Like Your Favorite Author
“…a lot of great authors throughout history have been exercise buffs. So if you’re looking to stay fit, clear the mind, or just have some fun, here’s some inspiration from the workouts of your favorite writers.”

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