Bookish Shopping: NYC Edition

I’m happy to report that I made it to all the literary stops on my NYC itinerary, and I have some fabulous purchases to show for it. If you’re in the city, drop by the Mo Willems Exhibit at The New York Historical Society or The Strand to find the items I bought. But if a trip to The Big Apple isn’t in your near future, don’t fear. I’ve included links to buy these items online.

Here’s what I got…

At The Strand:

When in Doubt, Go To the Library” T-Shirt

When in DoubtAs a librarian, it’s important to dress the part. And no, that does not mean cardigans, pencil skirts, buns and glasses. For me, the librarian uniform is lots of bookish T-shirts, and now I have one with Hermione’s wise words to start the new school year. I couldn’t remember exactly when in the HP series she says this line, but with a little research, I found that it’s a quote within a quote spoken by Ron in The Chamber of Secrets. The line reads: “Because that’s what Hermione does,’ said Ron, shrugging. ‘When in doubt, go to the library.” Fine advice for all.


84 Charing Cross Road, by Helen Hanff

84 Charing Cross RoadI had to be strategic about my book purchase at The Strand. With so many titles to choose from (The Strand houses 18 miles of books for Pete’s sake!) and limited suitcase room, I decided that I would allow myself to buy one book, and the book had to be about books or bookstores. 84 Charing Cross Road immediately came to mind, because I’d heard it recommended on a number of different podcasts for readers who like books about books and bookstores. Perfecto! I haven’t started it yet, but I’m particularly excited to pick it up because it’s told through the correspondence of the author and a used book dealer in London. I love me a story told through letters.


At the “The Moseum Store” – New York Historical Society Mo Willems Exhibit*:

Pigeon Mug

Pigeon Coffee CupI recently cleaned out our cabinets of old mugs, chipped plates, and Renaissance Festival goblets (I regretted giving away the goblets
immediately after), so one would imagine that I’d avoid buying MORE cabinet-filling items so soon. But one would imagine wrong. I couldn’t resist this mug, seeing as Pigeon embodies my morning caffeine cravings perfectly in the design. Plus, I justified the purchase by deeming this my new coffee vessel for work. The one I have right now is an old thermal mug that leaks all over my awesome bookish tees. So, Pigeon will not take up room in our cabinets and I get a mug that won’t leave embarrassing stains on my clothing. Win, win!

Elephant & Piggie Finger Puppet Set

E and P Finger PuppetsThe Thank You Book, the last book in the Elephant & Piggie series, is in a box in my library waiting to be unpacked, and I can’t wait to use these puppets to tell the story. It might be a little tough to turn pages with mini-Piggie and mini-Gerald on my fingers, but I’ll  make it happen.  I can’t quite believe that the Elephant & Piggie series is over, but I’m sure Mr. Willems has some magic up his sleeve.

* The exhibit itself is fantastic – I learned that Knuffle Bunny was originally supposed to be a bear! Check it out before the exhibit closes on September 25.

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