Books I Wish I’d Read in 2018

As of this very second, my reading total for 2018 is 104 books. I’m reasonably happy with this number, but there are so many titles I really wanted to read this year, but  didn’t get to. When I looked at my Goodreads TBR, and saw the enormous list of titles that I’d been meaning to read, I couldn’t help but ask, “ What held me back?”

The most honest answer is time, and how sometimes I fill it with HuluNetflixAmazonPrimeAcornTVYouTube instead of reading. Managing screen time better is definitely a goal for me in 2019.

Today I’m sharing the top three books I wish I’d read in 2018 and why I’m especially bummed that I didn’t get to them. Thankfully, books don’t expire, so I just have to get over my disappointment in myself and enjoy these titles in the new year.

(I apologize for the lack of images in this post, but I just updated WordPress and haven’t quite figured out all the formatting :p)

3 Books I Wish I’d Read in 2018:

Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly

Frankenstein celebrated its 200th anniversary this year and I’ve never read it, so it would have been the perfect time to try this classic. Should I make it a priority to read in 2019 or just wait until I’m 85 and read it on the 250th anniversary? 🙂

Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls, by Alissa Nutting

I love making all my travel literary, so I wanted to read this before my trip to Las Vegas (Nutting has a PhD from University of Nevada Las Vegas). Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ended took up all my pre-trip-reading time, though. I guess the only thing to do is to head back to Sin City!

Bridge of Clay, by Markus Zusak

Zusak had an author talk in DC to promote this book and I really, really wanted to go, but getting downtown on a Friday during rush hour just wasn’t in the cards. I desperately wanted to buy the book and have him sign it, but because I couldn’t get the signature, I never ended up purchasing the book (geez, I’m a bookish brat!). The library waitlist is still quite long, but Zusak’s The Book Thief is one of very few books that made me cry, so reading his newest release is imperative.

What books do you wish you had read in 2018? Please share in the comments below!

2 responses to “Books I Wish I’d Read in 2018”

  1. Rachel @ Never Enough Novels Avatar

    I wish I remembered to request either of Louise Miller’s books from the library! I keep hearing amazing things about them, so they’re first on my list for 2019.

  2. Allison Avatar

    I was disappointed by Bridge of Clay… I didn’t even finish it. I’m still not sure if it was just a case of trying to read it at the wrong time. I haven’t really read any reviews, so I’m looking forward to your thoughts when you get to it. Maybe I’ll find that I need to revisit it!

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