Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Cheap eBooks!

I love a good deal, especially when it comes to books. Used book sales and thrift shops are some of my favorite places to go for hard copies of books, but what about eBooks? With average prices between $9.99 – $14.99, it can be difficult to stomach paying that much without even getting the visceral joy of holding and smelling a physical book.

Luckily, there are lots of resources for finding cheap eBooks online, and I’ve pulled them all together into one comprehensive list for you. Most of the books are on sale for prices in the $1.99 – $4.99 range. One caveat: most deals are for Kindle books. There just aren’t as many for Nook or Kobo users.

I’ve had more luck with some sites more than others, but that may just be my personal reading taste. I hope you find a few that will help you find great eBooks at an agreeable price!

A quick side note – I realize the public library is also a great source for affordable (aka FREE!) eBooks, but this list is for books that you can purchase to keep in your digital collection permanently.

Kindle Book Deals
Includes daily, monthly and countdown deals. Sign up for daily email notifications of Kindle book deals by clicking “Sign Up for Deals” in the left-hand sidebar.

Book Riot Deals of the Day
Book Riot finds deals each day (usually 2) and keeps a running list of previous daily deals that are still active. Sign up for the Daily Deal email at the bottom of the page.

Modern Mrs. Darcy – Great Kindle Deals
Anne Bogel, the blogger behind Modern Mrs. Darcy (and my personal hero), does a great job finding cheap Kindle books. Subscribing to her daily emails is especially nice because she gives a short review of the books, if she’s read them. Sign up at the top of the page.

Goodreads Deals
For these deals, you need to be a Goodreads member. When you sign up for Goodreads Deals, you will receive emails any time an eBook version of anything on your Want to Read shelf is on sale.

The sole purpose behind BookBub is to find current eBook deals. Sign up with them and they’ll email you with deals they think you’ll love, based on interests you’ve selected.

LitFlash is Penguin Book’s free daily email that recommends low-price eBooks based on reading preferences you made when signing up.

eReaderIQ is also a website devoted to finding daily eBook deals.  Just enter your email address on the home page and the site will send you an email each day with the best deals based on your interests.

Project Gutenberg
If you want classic literature without paying a cent, this is the site for you. Project Gutenberg has a huge collection of eBooks (more than 50,000!) that are free because they are in the public domain. Go nuts and download them all!

Riffle is a reading tracker/book recommendation site similar to Goodreads. I’ll admit, I don’t use it for the tracking capabilities, but I appreciate the  cheap eBook notifications I signed up for.

BookPerk is a promotional service of Harper Collins that sends you an email each day with the company’s best digital deals.

Did I miss any cheap eBook sources? Let me know in the comments below!

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