Great Summer Reads for Kids of All Ages!

I make lists constantly. Most of my them are to-do lists, and while they may be important for my sanity, I wouldn’t say I love writing them. Writing book lists, however, is a totally different story. Summer reading lists for young readers are a personal favorite.

Creating recommended summer reading lists for my students was one of my favorite parts of being school librarian. And even though I took a public library job few months ago, I promised my students I would still pull together lists of the best new books to read this summer. I am happy to say I delivered on my promise!

I’m so jazzed about the lists that I’d like to share them with you too. I doubt any of you, dear readers of my blog, are in PK – 8th grade (let me know if you are!), but I think these lists will still be useful to you.

If you’re sick of reading your kids the same old picture books, give the books on the PK – rising 1st grader list a try. If your 8-year-old nephew has a birthday coming up, the rising 2nd – 3rd list will give you some great gift ideas. If you want to read some of the hottest books for young teens, take a look at the Young Adult titles.

I hope you and the kids in your life enjoy these books as much as I did!

Great Summer Reads 2018:

PK – Rising 1st Grade

Rising 2nd – 3rd Grade

Rising 4th – 5th Grade

Young Adult (Rising 6th – 9th Grade)

What other children’s/YA books would you recommend for summer reading? Please share in the comments below!

2 responses to “Great Summer Reads for Kids of All Ages!”

  1. Allison Avatar

    These are great! I’m printing them out for our next trip to the library.

    1. Kristen Avatar

      I hope you find so me winners! I’d love to hear which ones your kids enjoy.

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