Literary Linking: April 17 – 21

This week’s articles topics include: fictional drugs in literature, dangerous libraries, hate reading and more!

The best bookish links of the week:

Visible: Women Writers of Color – Angie Thomas
I recently finished Angie Thomas’ book, The Hate U Give, and I think it’s a must-read. This interview with Thomas gives even further insight to her powerful book.

Storytime: What Matters Most Cannot Be Measured
One of my favorite parts of being a librarian is the time I spend reading fantastic chapter books to my 1st – 5th graders at lunch. There’s nothing like ending a reading session on a cliff hanger and having the kids begging for more!

The Joy of Hate Reading
As painful as it can be, I agree with the writer’s argument that reading books we hate is beneficial. I particularly like this line: “…sometimes you figure out your position only in opposition.”

Fictional Drugs of Literature Ranked
From Brave New World’s soma to pipe weed from Lord of the Rings, literature is filled with mind-altering substances. Most seem pretty suspect…

The Most Dangerous Fictional Libraries in Pop Culture
These libraries may all be life-threatening, but I’d still like to visit them!

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