Literary Linking: April 24 – 28

This week’s article topics include: readers as the best lovers, the new Anne of Green Gables series, naming book characters and more!

The best bookish links of the week:

Book Riot’s Favorite Bookstores in All 50 States + DC
I love all the bookstores they list for DC, so I trust the other recommendations. I wish I could visit them all!

What’s in a Name?
I can only imagine how difficult it is for authors to choose the perfect name for their characters. Would we perceive beloved characters differently if they had a different name? Fun to think about…

The Other Side of Green Gables
An interesting article on the new Netflix series “Anne with an E.” Director Moira Walley-Beckett, a former writer for “Breaking Bad,” explores the darker side of Anne in her version of the beloved book. I’m intrigued, but as a huge fan of the 1985 version, so I’m a bit wary of this reboot.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Movie Prequel TV Show Details
I ADORE the show, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and am super siked to read this news! In the meantime, I really should give one of the Phryne Fisher books by Kerry Greenwood a try.

Frequent Readers Make the Best Lovers, Say Dating-App Users
All I have to say to this is: duh 🙂

Foucault That Noise: The Terror of Highbrow Mispronunciation
Learn how to pronounce difficult author names and impress your friends! I’m going to drop Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s name in as many conversations as possible.


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