Literary Linking: April 3 – 7

This week’s articles topics include: a reading compatibility hack, Harry Potter cocktail pairings, audiobook trends around the U.S., and more!

My favorite bookish links from the week of April 3 – 7:

Are You “Reading” Compatible with Your Friends?
A super cool Goodreads hack to see if you’re on the same page (haha) with your friends!

Audible Trends: Listening Around America
Audible has created maps showing listening trends around the nation. It was enlightening to see that audiobooks on humor, money, and fairytales are what’s popular in my neck of the woods.

Harry Potter Cocktail Pairings
I like this list because it doesn’t create weird, overly-sugary, made-up drinks to go with Harry Potter books/movies. These are traditional (aka REAL) cocktails that work well with the HP universe.

You Can Get Chocolate Eggs from the Easter Bunny at Dracula’s Castle
The Easter Bunny will actually make a showing at Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania. I can only hope that the chocolate eggs handed out are filled with cream or caramel, not blood!

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