Literary Linking: April 9 – 13

This week’s link topics include: a book about animal flatulence, 20th anniversary Harry Potter covers, surprising former librarians, and more!

The best bookish links the week of April 9 – 13:

Why the New Wave of East Asian Authors Is Targeting YA
So happy that more Asian-American authors are getting published. I’m on hold at the library for all the books spotlighted in this article.

New Harry Potter Covers, Illustrated by Brian Selznick
Check out this video showing the Caldecott-winner Brian Selznick’s illustrations for Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary covers. So gorgeous.

10 Surprising Former Librarians
Shout out to Beverly Cleary. Not only was she a librarian, but she turned 102 this week!

Finally There’s a Book about Which Animals Fart
This is important literature, guys.

Teenage Vandals Were Sentenced To Read Books. Here’s What One Learned.
Reading makes your more empathetic – scientists say so!

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