Literary Linking: August 21 – 25

This week’s article topics include: Wishbone, the importance of daily reading, and more!

The best bookish links the week of August 21 – 25:

The New York Times Books Desk Will Make You Read Again
The New York Times has made some changes to make room new content, other than traditional reviews. I like reading reviews, but I enjoy things like the paper’s new-sh column Book Match (people write in asking for recommendations) even more.

Watching Wishbone without Reading Literature
I looooved Wishbone as a young one, but I see the author’s point about it emphasizing the supposedly inherent “betterness” of classic literature than other kinds of writing.

Here’s Why Your Brain Needs To Read Every Single Day
I feel like an article like this comes out every 6 months, but I’m all for it. Anything to get the masses reading more!

The Cuckoo’s Calling TV Show Trailer
The Robert Galbraith books are SO good – I love me a curmudgeonly detective.  My only question is: when will those of us across the pond will get to watch the show???

The Guilty Secret: Chinese Crime Writer Arrested for Four Cold-Case Murders
They do recommend that you should write what you know…


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