Literary Linking: August 28 – September 1

This week’s article topics include: bookish world records, reader fatigue, tech in fiction and more!

The best bookish links the week of August 28 – September 1:

6 Best Bookish World Records
A short and sweet list of fun bookish world records. Sadly, I don’t think I can break any of them.

50 of the Most Essential High School Stories
As much as I disliked high school, I really enjoy reading books about the high school experience. Barnes and Noble has pulled together an impressive solid list of them here.

Back-to-School Wisdom From the Creators of Your Favorite Children’s Books
Some great words of advice from authors like Dav Pilkey, Peter Reynolds, and Booki Vivat.

When Your Reader Is Broken
Before reading this, I thought it was going to be about a broken Kindle, but it’s actually about reading fatigue and what to do about it! The piece of advice I’m going to try and use more is “Read what you want to read instead of what you *should* be reading.”

Text Me: On New Technology in Fiction
I always find it interesting to read contemporary novels that don’t incorporate texting. On one hand, it’s a little strange for characters not to text, but mentioning technology can end up making a novel seem dated later on.

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