Literary Linking: August 8 – 12

Literary LinkingMy favorite bookish links from the week of August 8 -12:

The Merits of Reading Real Books To Your Children

“A new Harry Potter book and a new round of stories about midnight book release parties reminded me of the persistent power of words printed on a page to shape children’s lives.”


From Preschool through High School: 24 Great Books that Show Empathy, Kindness

“When you read these books aloud, you can tell from their expressions that they are empathetic in relating to these characters. They understand what the characters are feeling.”


Diversity In Book Publishing Isn’t Just About Writers — Marketing Matters, Too

“In the world of books and literature, “diversity” has recently become hotly debated, along with other cultural and media spheres. Though a few writers of color seem to be getting more shine, the demographics of those working behind the scenes in publishing remain almost entirely white.”


How To Make a Harry Potter Monopoly Board Game

“Why play the same old Monopoly with the same old chance and community chest cards when you could invent your own with some surprising twists and turns taken right from your favorite book and film franchise? I call it … Pottopoly! Enjoy!”


Emojis that Take the Cake

“Why limit yourself to digital emojis when you could be using them for sweet baked goods?”


Books Just for Grownups

An interactive cartoon from the New Yorker that gives more “adult” variations on the titles of some childhood favorites


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