Literary Linking: December 11 – 15

This week’s link topics include: literary celebrity lookalikes, bike desks in the library, best sentences of 2017, and more!

The best bookish links the week of December 11 – 15

Tell Us Your Favorite Books and We’ll Tell You Your Hogwarts House
I usually find online quiz results to be inaccurate, but this one is pretty darn good. Give it a whirl! (Btw, based on this quiz, I’m a Ravenclaw – yay!)

13 Literary Celebrity Lookalikes
Bet you won’t guess the literary great that Ellen DeGeneres looks like…

Texas A&M Libraries Install Bike Desks To Keep with Changing Times
This idea is genius. Say good-bye to the freshman 15!

Third Graders Help Save Daytona Beach Bookstore
In a letter asking the CEO not to close their local Barnes and Noble, these students offered to teach him how to surf.  Kids are the best!

The Very Best Things about Reading Aloud with Kids, According To Parents
So many adorable quotes in this article. Enjoy reading-time with your kids, my friends!

The 19 Best Sentences of 2017
From funny (there’s a sentence from Twitter) to the profound, there were some good sentences out there this year. My personal favorite: “I don’t believe in not believing in guilty pleasures.” —Elisa Gabbert,

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