Literary Linking: December 19 – 23

This week’s articles include a book 57 years overdue, fabulous female heroines and more! 

There won’t be any Literary Linking next week because I’ll be having fun in the sun on a Caribbean cruise 🙂 Hope everyone has a great holiday!

My favorite bookish links from the week of December 19 – 23:

Denzel Washington Surprised His Childhood Librarian on Her 99th Birthday
“The Academy Award winning actor was born in Mt. Vernon, New York and recently took a trip back to the city. While home, Washington took the time to pay a visit to a very special lady in his life: his childhood librarian.”

R.J. Palacio and Meg Medina Talk Diversity and Children’s Books
R.J. Palacio and Meg Medina “…were best friends as young kids, and both grew up to be renowned authors of children’s books…Medina identifies as a Latina writer, writes about Latino characters, and speaks often about diversity issues. Palacio does not.”

Ten Fiercely Fabulous Female Heroines
“As a middle school librarian, I see a multitude of readers both eager and reluctant every day in my library. The female heroines in these books represent a collection of independent and strong-willed characters that demonstrate resilience and persistence that we want our students to emulate.”

The Power of a Series
“When I was about nine years old, a family friend gave me a large box of Nancy Drew books, the kind where Nancy still sported a stylish 60’s bob and sensible flats…I somehow felt as if I had a secret bond with this girl I had never met. I settled on one title and went back to bed, drawing the covers over my head. I began to read.”

57 Years Later Even the Library Had Stopped Counting the Fines
“Barbara Roston signed up for a Brooklyn Library card after returning the book Gone With the Wind. Ms. Roston checked out the book at the Crown Heights Branch Library decades ago.”

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