Literary Linking: December 5 – 9

This week’s articles include hotels for book lovers, cocktails made with old books, a book concierge and more!

My favorite bookish links from the week of December 5 – 9:

American Teens are Getting Hooked on Fiction by Text Message
“…Hooked [is] an addictive app that sends suspenseful stories to teenagers in the form of messages. Based on rigorous testing on how to “hook” readers, Hooked is a hit in the world of book apps, with 1.8 million downloads (not including uninstalls) since it launched a year ago.”

Hotels for Book Lovers
“Which book might catch your eye from the shelves at the Wine Library at the B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa in Zurich, where guests can browse some 33,000 books with a glass of white in hand? What books might be in your room in the Library Hotel in New York where each floor celebrates one of the 10 categories of the Dewey Decimal System and a reading room is open 24 hours? Which volume will be brought to your table at the Gryphon, a cafe in Savannah, Ga., where diners receive their bill tucked inside the pages of a book?”

What Are You Reading? Powerpuff Girl Edition
“I attended the Powerpuff Girls Panel at this year’s New York Comic Con, and scored an interview with two of the show’s writers: Jake Goldman and Haley Mancini, who is also the voice of Princess Morbucks!”

Columbia Room Has a Cocktail Literally Made With Old Books
“Columbia Room has played around with plenty of unusual ingredients, like fig leaf milk and potato water, in its cocktails. But “In Search of Time Past”—the third drink on its current tasting menu—is the most Portlandia yet. That’s because it includes a tincture made of old books. Literally. Really literally.”

NPR’s Book Concierge: Our Guide To 2016’s Great Reads
“Use the filters…to explore more than 300 titles NPR staff and critics loved this year. (You can also combine filters!)”

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