Literary Linking: February 13 – 17

This week’s articles cover topics including: bookstores resisting Trump, using books to teach middle-schoolers kindness, a companion series to Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, and more!

My favorite bookish links from the week of February 13 – 17:

Man ‘Rescued’ After Getting Trapped Inside a Bookstore
“Oliver Soskice’s love of book browsing previously almost left him locked in a University library – but tonight he got the full experience of being locked in Waterstone’s”

Why Parents Need To Teach Middle-Schoolers Kindness, from the Author of ‘Wonder’
“In these days that feel a lot less kind and a lot more abrasive than many of us would like, where good examples for our children to emulate might be a little harder to find, books such as “Wonder,” by R.J. Palacio, offer a balm and a positive path for all of us to think about and discuss.”

Author Philip Pullman Announces A Follow-Up Trilogy To ‘His Dark Materials’
“The hugely successful fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials will be getting a “companion” trilogy, author Philip Pullman announced this evening. The first book of the new series, which will collectively be called The Book of Dust, is set for publication on October 19.”

Bookstores Stoke Trump Resistance With Action, Not Just Words
In the diffuse and suddenly fierce protest movement that has sprung up on the left since President Trump took office, bookstores have entered the fray, taking on roles ranging from meeting place to political war room.”

Toronto Public Library Shedding Light on Seasonal Affective Disorder
“Two white lamps that look like props from a sci-fi film sit in the common area of the Brentwood Library. But they’re anything but common or the stuff of science fiction. They’re light therapy lamps, designed to mimic the sun and treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression that some people experience during the dark winter months.”

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