Literary Linking: February 5 – 9

This week’s link topics include: an outdoor library, free literary coloring books, bookish bars and cafes and more!

The best bookish links the week of February 5 – 9:

Dartmouth “Blazing a Trail” with New Outdoor Library
Reading outside is lovely, so an outdoor library sounds like heaven…as long as it doesn’t rain!

A Peek at Famous Readers’ Borrowing Records from a Private New York Library
Lots of famous folks have been members of the New York Society Library, a subscription library that’s been around since 1911. Check out what Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr were reading pre-duel in 1790.

Download Free Coloring Books from Great Libraries, Museums and Cultural Institutions
Bookish coloring is the best coloring.

13 Mnemonic Sentences To Boost Your General Knowledge
Can you name the first 10 elements on the periodic table? The first 20? You will after you read this article!

A Visual Tour of 35 Literary Bars and Cafes from around the World
This is an amazingly exhaustive list of bookish bars and cafes. I’ve been to two of them: Cafe Louvre in Prague and The White Horse Tavern in New York City. Only 33 to go…

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