Literary Linking: January 1 – 5

This week’s link topics include: J.K. Rowling’s pub in Scotland, exercising like your favorite author, auto-completed children’s books and more!

The best bookish links the week of January 1 – 5:

2017: The Year Americans Couldn’t Say Gal Gadot (and a Lot of Other Words)
Yup, I pronounced Wonder Woman’s name incorrectly all year!

Auto-Completed Children’s Books: Good Night Moon
Such a creative idea. This new version of Goodnight Moon was created by typing in the beginning of each line and letting Google fill in the rest. Funny stuff!

J.K. Rowling Has Her Own Pub in Scotland
The pub has her name on it for just a month. If only we had a little floo powder to transport us there…

Exercise Like Your Favorite Author
Who even knew Emily Dickinson exercised?! She is the coolest.

David Bowie’s Son Starts Book Club for Father’s Top Novels
David Bowie is a god and he’s alive in my heart (and ears). It tickles me pink that he was such a voracious reader.

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