Literary Linking: July 10 – 14

This week’s article topics include: books for GLOW fans, best cities for readers, blush-worthy scenes from Canterbury Tales, and more!

The best bookish links the week of July 10 – 14 :
The Great Second-Half 2017 Book Preview

The Millions always does a great job previewing the best books of the year. I still have a bunch to read from their first-half 2017 book preview, but now I have many more to add to my TBR. I’m especially excited about Jeffrey Eugenides’ new one.

Millennials Are the Biggest Public Library Visitors

Millennials get a bad rap a lot of the time, but at least  we go to the library!


Glow Book Club: To the Time Machine!

If you haven’t started watching Netflix’s new show GLOW (Glamorous Ladies of Wrestling) yet, put down your book and turn on the TV. It’s some of the best entertainment I’ve watched this year. Once you’ve finished binging it (I promise, you won’t be able to stop watching), this list from Book Riot will help you prolong the fun.


Great Expeditions: The Top 10 Cities for Literary Travelers

Whenever I travel, I try my best to hit as many literary sites as possible. This article has added a whole bunch to my list. I’m particularly excited about the American Writers Museum that recently opened in Chicago.


7 Times “The Canterbury Tales” Was Way Dirtier Than “50 Shades of Gray”

I took a Chaucer class in college and found it so nerdily satisfying to decode all the bawdiness found in The Canterbury Tales. That Wife of Bath is something else 🙂


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