Literary Linking: July 17 – 21

This week’s article topics include: George R. R. Martin’s obsession with soup, men adapting ambiguous pen names to sell books to women, and more!

The best bookish links the week of July 17 – 21 :


The Anatomy of a Book

Learn some fabulously nerdy vocab about the physical makeup of a book. Endpapers, headband, you’ll know it all!

Game of Thrones Author George R. R. Martin Is Obsessed with Soup

I had no idea George R. R. Martin wrote about soup so much. I have a strong affinity for soup, so I believe the show should draw more on the original material! There should be more soup on screen!

There’s a Harry Potter Supper Club Opening in London This Summer

I’ve always adored London and now there’s even more to love! Not only is there a Harry Potter Supper Club, but it’s being held at a place called The Library. Is there anything else a Potterhead libarian could want?

Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time: Watch the First Trailer

All previous cinematic attempts at recreating A Wrinkle in Time have been a sad dumpster fires of moviemaking. This one actually shows promise.

Men Are Apparently Adopting Ambiguous Pen Names To Sell Psychological Thrillers To Women

The reporter is a bit over-the-top in her indignance, but it’s an interesting read nonetheless. Pen name choices are always an interesting thing to ponder.

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