Literary Linking: June 11 – 15

This week’s link topics include: Anne of Green Gables fan fiction, how to read more, non-cookbook food books to read this summer, and more!

My favorite bookish links the week of June 11 – 15:

Increase Your Cognitive Ability by Readina F—ing Book For Once
Since you’re reading my blog, this video from The Onion probably does not apply to you, but I’m sure it’ll make you giggle. Be warned: there is A LOT of cursing.

20 Anne of Green Gables Fan Fiction Stories for Your Avonlea Fix
These stories range from diary-format to Gilbert as narrator to “mature” (eek!). Read if you dare 🙂

“Younger” Is “Gossip Girl” for the Publishing Industry
I’ve written about my love of the show Younger before and I’m so excited that a book in the show, “Marriage Vacation,” has been published in real life!

What Happened When I (Tried To) Read 30 Books in 30 Days
Some solid advice on how to read more

8 Non-Cookbook Food Books To Read This Summer
If food and books are two of your favorite things, this list is right up your alley.

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