Literary Linking: March 13 – 17

This week’s article topics include: subverting Trump with literature, new info on Jane Austen’s death, the controversy of dog-earing books, and more!

My favorite links from the week of March 13 – 17:

Alexander and the V Bad, FML Day
Read this – I promise you will laugh. It’s a digital-age take on Judith Viorst’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Books Can Take You Places Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You to Go
Keep reading, and keep fighting the good fight, friends!
Love this excerpt from the article: “Books can’t install unknown feelings or passions into us. What they can do is develop our emotional, psychological and intellectual life, and, by doing so, show us how and to what extent we are connected.”

New Evidence Suggests Jane Austen Was Poisoned to Death
The British Library recently tested three pairs of Jane Austen’s glasses and have speculated that she may have been poisoned to death by arsenic! Although it appears the poisoning was accidental, I feel like someone could turn this into an interesting murder-mystery novel…

Dog-earing Books: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
My answer to the dog-earing question is: “It depends.” This article has some great arguments for both sides. I especially like the response that breaks readers into two kinds of book lovers — courtly and carnal — and describes how each kind handles their books.

Reading by Example: What Kids Learn About Books from Watching You
If you are always on your phone or laptop, you can expect your kids to want to do the same. Why not have a book in your hands instead?

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