Literary Linking: March 20 – 24

This week’s articles topics include: Clueless the comic book, wearing Handmaid’s Tale robes to the Texas Senate, a Muggle artifacts collection, and more!

My favorite links from the week of March 20 – 24:

Cool Job Alert: American Girl Hiring Is Hiring a Historian
The American Girl company hasn’t been on my good side recently. Did we really need an dude doll? And why have we gotten rid of the original historical dolls? But at least this news is a bit heartening. Maybe American Girl realizes the error if its ways and is getting back to its roots.

Muggle Studies 101
Just some good ol’ fashioned Harry Potter fun here! As part of a Harry Potter event at Princeton University, an anthropology student pulled together a collection of muggle (aka human) artifacts and described them as if she were a wizard. Of course this means the descriptions are completely wrong and completely hilarious. My favorite is the “Snow Charm” (a snowman nightlight) that children turn on when they want a snow day.

Women Wore Handmaid’s Tale Robes to Texas Senate
If you’re going to protest anti-abortion bills, what better attire than the robes from The Handmaid’s Tale???

Clueless Is, Like, Totally Gonna Be a Comic Book
I love Clueless from the bottom of my 90s-girl heart and can’t wait to get my paws on the new comic book. Like, it’s gonna be PHAT!

Middlemarch Madness Begins: 16 Literary Characters Face Off
It’s a little unclear how exactly the characters are facing off… Are they in a battle of wits? Judo match? Gun duel? Since I wasn’t sure, I just voted for the characters I like better.

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