Literary Linking: November 5 – 9

This week’s link topics include: ‘Up lit’ books to improve your mood, who you should ask when you don’t know what to read next, and more!

My favorite bookish links the week of November 5 – 9:

Trend Alert: Popular ‘Up-Lit’ Books To Improve Your Mood
Books that make you feel better about this crazy world without being saccharine and cheesy? Yes, please!

Tips for Overcoming ‘Reader’s Block’
Good solid suggestions, many of which I’ve heard before. Tip #4 is new to me though! Definitely going to give a try next time I’m feeling blocked.

J.K. Rowling Is Suing Her Former Assistant
You don’t cross J.K. You just don’t!

What Should You Read Next? For Thousands, the Person To Ask Is Anne Bogel.
If you’ve never listened to Anne’s What Should I Read Next? Podcast, you’re missing out. She has great reading taste and recommendations.

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