Literary Linking: November 6 – 10

This week’s link topics include: being a rock ‘n’ roll librarian, the joys of the Scholastic book fair, and more!

The best bookish links the week of November 6 – 10:

Amazon Book Review: Celebrity Picks 2017
Generally, I don’t follow celebrities, but I will when it comes to books! Based on their favorite books of the year, I think I could be good friends with Cassandra Clare and Anna Faris.

A Day in the Life of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Librarian
Being a librarian is rock ‘n’ roll anyway, but working at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame kicks it up a notch.

Condos and Apartments Around the Nation Opt for a Novel Amenity: Books
And a fine amenity it is. I hope the idea catches on.

The Nostalgic Joys of the Scholastic Book Fair, Explained
I was that kid who saved up all her money and blew it all at the book fair. It was magical.

Orlando Pet Shelter Sorts Animals into Hogwarts Houses To Help Them Find Forever Homes
As if this idea wasn’t cute enough, they renamed Hogwarts “Pawgwarts.” LOVE IT. The shelter’s site even has a quiz you can take to sort your pet at home.

I Pretended To Be Emily Dickinson on an Online Dating Site
Miss Emily D. is quite a popular lady, it turns out.


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