Literary Linking: November 7 – 11

laptop-bag-and-cupMy favorite bookish links from the week of November 7 – 11:

Harry Potter Yoga Just Might Be Better Than Quidditch
“While most athletic Harry Potter fans typically start up Quidditch leagues, one fit wizard decided to invent Harry Potter Yoga instead. Isabel Beltran, a model and yoga teacher from Austin, Texas, taught a pretty magical Harry Potter Yoga class at a brewery over the weekend with hopes to make it a regular event.“

Gilmore Girls: A Series in Books
“…now you’re counting down the days until you can catch up on what your favorite book snob—er, book lover—has been up to since we last saw the Gilmore Girls in 2007. Of course there are many Big Questions we would like to see answered in the four-episode revival. Near the top of my list: What is Rory reading now? I have my hunches. In the meantime, enjoy this glimpse at just a few of the 339 books we saw Rory reading in the original seven seasons.”

If You Can Identify 15/20 Books By Just A Quote, You’re Probably A Genius
“Can you identify a book by a single quote?”

Fantastic Feasts and Where To Eat Them
“Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s and winter holidays and all the family gatherings those are sure to entail, the next two months give us ample opportunity for shoving our faces full of every delicious delicacy we can find. In honor of this season of culinary splendor, below are some of the greatest feasts to ever take place in fiction.”

Big Little Milestone: There Are Now 50,000 Little Free Libraries Worldwide
Little Free Library has big a reason to celebrate: On November 4, the nonprofit with a passion for literacy and community planted its 50,000th Little Free Library. This is double the number of Little Libraries in existence just a year and a half ago.”


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