Literary Linking: October 16 – 20

This week’s article topics include: room service for books, a Harry Potter exhibit, adding words to the dictionary and more!

The best bookish links the week of October 16 – 20:

How the 25 Greatest Stories Ever Told Would Be Ruined by Technology
My personal faves: Oedipus, Lord of the Flies, and Little Women.

Literacy Builds Life Skills as Well as Language Skills
In case you didn’t get the memo… READING IS GOOD FOR KIDS.

This Is How Words Get in the Dictionary
A lexicographer explains the process of how words make the cut for the dictionary. I wonder if she can make “fetch” happen.

This Paris Hotel Is Offering a Room Service for Books
With hand-picked reading material, author-themed rooms and other awesome literary amenities, this place is the bibliophile’s dream hotel. Let me know if you want to fund a trip for me to try it out 🙂

Wizard! The Magic of Harry Potter at the British Museum
Btw, I need someone to pay for me to go to England too! But if my wishful thinking doesn’t pan out, it looks like the exhibition is coming to NYC next year.

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