Literary Linking: October 17 – 21

laptop-with-espressoMy favorite bookish links from the week of October 17 – 21:

100 Book for a Lifetime of Eating and Drinking
“If you had to create one bookshelf of all things culinary, what would it look like?  For us, first and foremost there’s got to be variety–it is the spice of life, after all…”


8 Brutal Truths of Raising a Book-Loving Kid
“There’s that saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” Well, I always wished for my kids to be book lovers. My oldest, now six years old, definitely qualifies…While I’d never say I’ve lived to regret my wish — at all — there are a few things about raising a book lover that can take some getting used to.”


Airbnb Is Offering Two Guests a Stay in Dracula’s Castle on Halloween Night
“If flickering candles, squeaky staircases, and coffin beds fit your description of a cozy vacation home, Airbnb has the perfect listing for you. As The Telegraph reports, the lodging service is inviting two guests to stay at Bran Castle, or “Dracula’s Castle,” on the night of October 31.”


19 Beautiful Bookstores You Need To Visit in America
“Yelp identified the best bookstores in the country by looking at both the number of reviews and the star-rating, then hand-selected the most dazzling stores from that list. So here are 19 incredible bookstores you need to see for yourself, as told by the Yelp users who love books and ambiance just as much as the rest of us.”


The Helpful Humans at the New York Public Library Who Answer Researchable Questions by Phone
“At the New York Public Library, you can call a librarian who will answer any researchable question you might have. The help-line has been around for over 40 years, and to this day it receives more than 30,000 calls a year. Need to know the color of an arctic fox’s eyes? Ever wonder if there are full moons every night in Acapulco? Well, if Google isn’t your thing, these librarians have got your answer.”

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