Literary Linking: September 10 – 14

This week’s link topics include: the National Book Awards longlist, the philosophical Agatha Christie, libraries as the beacons of civil society, and more!

My favorite bookish links the week of September 10 – 14

To Restore Civil Society, Start with the Library
A wonderful commentary on public libraries and their positive impact on the country.

2018 National Book Awards Longlists
My TBR just got a whole bunch longer… How many have you read?

How To Read More Books at a Time, According To Reddit Users Who Do It
Book polygamy can be easier than you think!

The Pack Horse Librarians of Eastern Kentucky
If you know folks who needs to dispel the stereotypical shushing librarian with a bun and cardigan, make them listen to this story.

Agatha Christie: Hardboiled Philosopher
“Never do anything yourself that others can do for you.”  Testify, Agatha! Testify!

Jurassic Word: Classic Books Improved with Dinosaurs (and Maybe Some Jeff Goldblum)
Everything is better with dinosaurs (and Jeff Goldblum), duh.

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