Literary Linking: September 12 – 16

My favorite bookish links from the week of September 12 – 16:

dictionaryDictionary Fans Might Squee: OED Adds New Words, Because YOLO
“A fusty old tome? Fuhgeddaboudit! The Oxford English Dictionary regularly updates to reflect English’s evolution.”

There’s Something about Airport Bookstores
“Because I follow my own version of the Boy Scout Code as applied to books, “Be prepared with at least one, preferably two more books than you need,” I’ve never had occasion to buy anything from an airport bookstore, and yet it gives me great comfort to know they’re there.”

First Word: The 14th Librarian of Congress
“Carla Hayden discusses her decision to become a librarian and her plans as the new Librarian of Congress.”

Why Roald Dahl Never Sugar-Coated His Stories for Kids
“What Dahl understood is that the most frightening thing for a child is to be lied to, and to know you’re being lied to, because the horrors of the child’s imagination are always capable of conjuring scenarios far more terrifying than the truth.”

19 Secrets Librarians Will Never Tell You
“We don’t shush people all day, TBH.”


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