New Series: New York Times Bestsellers – Worth the Read?

Time. There isn’t enough of it, and what precious little we have, we want to use as effectively as possible. For me and many readers I know, this means the books we read need to be worth the hours we spend on them.

Lots of folks use the New York Times Bestsellers list as their go-to resource for choosing the books they read. The reasoning makes sense. If booksellers and wholesalers are reporting to the NY Times that a book is selling really well, then it should probably be pretty darn good, right?

That’s the question I want to answer in this series. Every couple weeks, I will read a book on the New York Times Bestsellers list, and give you my honest opinion on whether it is worth your time. Life is too short to read mediocre books and if I can save you from a lukewarm reading experience, by golly, I will!

Here’s how it’ll work:

Every couple weeks, I will read a book currently on the New York Times Bestsellers List. This includes all formats (hardback, paperback, and ebook) and all categories (fiction, non-fiction, and children’s). One caveat: all books must have been on the list for at least 4 weeks.

For each book, I will give the book’s number of weeks on the list and its ranking as of the date the post goes up. I will also provide a plot summary, explore the hype surrounding the book, divulge my personal thoughts, and give a final rating.

Ratings will given as percentages:

80% – 100% – the book lives up to the hype. Go read it now!
60% – 79% – the book is good, but there’s no rush to read it
40% – 59% – the book has some degree of merit, but has flaws and probably isn’t worth your time
0% – 39% – the book stinks and isn’t worth the read

I hope this series will be helpful to you! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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