What’s Making Me Happy: September Edition

September has been a whirlwind of craziness, but there have been a bunch of things getting me through the trying and busy times:

My Trader Joe’s carries a lot of unique produce including funky fruit hybrids. When I saw pluots and apriums on the shelf together, my initial reaction was, “Aren’t those basically the same thing?” So, I HAD to buy both to try them. It turns out they do taste different. The pluot is much plummier, the aprium is more apricot-y, and, thankfully, they were both are delicious.

Atypical is about an 18-year-old guy named Sam who is on the autism spectrum and navigating the world of school, girls and family dynamics. With a description like that, I was afraid it might be sappy and overly dramatic, but it was the complete opposite. There is drama, but it’s well-tempered with humor and realistic characters. I binge-watched this show in 2 days and cannot wait for the next season to come out.

Score: A Film Music Documentary
I loved learning the behind-the-scenes world of writing music for movies from the composers themselves in this documentary. I knew some of the most famous ones by name (Hans Zimmer, Randy Newman, Howard Shore, etc.) but it was fun hearing from lesser known composers whose music I knew from seeing the movies, but didn’t have a name or face attached to them. A real person actually wrote the music for Minions, go figure!

Let’s Do It Again
This song by reggae artist, J Boog, is sooo catchy! I’ve been in podcast- and audiobook-mode for the last year and have listened to very little music.  It was nice to find something light and fun that I actually wanted to listen to. An extra fun tidbit: I happened to be on a flight to Las Vegas with J Boog last weekend!

Love, Punctuation, and the Oxford Comma: Ep. 6 of the Annotated Podcast
Book Riot just wrapped up the first season of their Annotated podcast with an episode devoted to one of the most divisive topics in the wild and crazy world of grammar: the one and only Oxford comma! A podcast about punctuation has the potential of being incredibly dull, but show host Jeff O’Neal really brings life to this grammar debate.

2 responses to “What’s Making Me Happy: September Edition”

  1. Rachel @ Never Enough Novels Avatar

    I just discovered Atypical too and it only took me three days to watch all eight episodes. I’m thrilled there’s going to be a second season. Sam is such an amazing character (and the actor does a fantastic job)!

    1. Kristen Avatar

      A friend from my book club just commented that our most recent read, The Rosie Project, is a good book recommendation for folks who enjoyed Atypical. So, if you haven’t read Rosie, give it a try!

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