What’s Making Me Happy: October Edition

I usually immerse myself in spooky/horror entertainment during October, but this year, it’s been murder mysteries that have been making month. There are also some techie things I recently learned about that have been a godsend.

Here’s what’s been making me happy this October:

It’s the early 1950s and an unlikely duo of detective and vicar solve crimes in a small town near Cambridge. Toss in an impossible romance for the vicar, a gay curate, a curmudgeonly but well-intentioned housekeeper and you’re set for some dramatic and intelligent fun. It doesn’t hurt that the vicar, Sidney Chambers, is quite the looker.

Book Folding
I was looking for easy bookish crafts for my middle school book club to make for a fundraiser we’re holding for  We Need Diverse Books , and I came upon a couple book folding projects that looked pretty simple. I gave them a try and they were a total hit! I’ve been making trees and hedgehogs like crazy ever since (the folding is quite therapeutic). If you want to try making the hedgehog, click on the link to watch the tutorial I used.

My easy-to-make hedgehog and tree!


Libby App
Being able to check ebooks out FOR FREE from the library has always made me incredibly happy, but now, the process is even easier. Overdrive, the digital media provider used by most public libraries, has created Libby, an app that is intuitive and very simple to use. From your phone or tablet, you can easily search for ebooks and audiobooks, then download and listen to them immediately. If you have more than one library card, you can easily toggle between different library systems and it’s a snap to put items on hold. Plus, the design and interface are pretty darn cute. If you’ve put off learning how how to download digital media from the library, now is the time to give it a shot.

Deadly Manners
This podcast, produced by AMC/Sundance, harkens back to the days of radio dramas. It places the listener in the middle of a murder mystery in a snowed-in party during the mid-1950s. The mystery itself is engaging, but the star-studded cast including LeVar Burton, Kristen Bell, and Anna Chumsky, really brings the story to life. Five episodes of the planned ten have been released. I can’t wait to hear the rest!

Audible Car Mode
I am an avid Audible user. Their selection is great, the pricing is reasonable, downloading is easy, and now they’ve made their player more user friendly while driving. Just click on the car icon in the regular player, and it will make the display much larger and easier to use behind the wheel. Yay for safer driving!


What’s made you happy in October? Share in the comments below!

2 responses to “What’s Making Me Happy: October Edition”

  1. Allison Avatar

    The hedgehog is cute!

    I’ve been wondering about Libby–maybe you can help? I use Overdrive to download books to my iPad, and I typically read them right in Overdrive. I’m used to it and it doesn’t bother me, but is Libby better or easier to use? I do have a couple of libraries that I borrow from, so maybe that part would be easier?
    I guess I should just try it 🙂

    1. Kristen Avatar

      I would just give it a whirl – the tutorial is really good. If you still have trouble or questions, shoot me an email!

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