What’s Making Me Happy, Vol. 11

For the past month, I’ve been getting my feet wet in the public library world. It’s been rather overwhelming learning the new job, but it’s been a great experience so far. Plus, I found some things that have helped relieve my stress and make me happy. Check them out!

What’s making me happy:

Forever 35 Podcast
Self-care is something I have a hard time fitting into my day-to-day, but I know it’s very important. Thankfully, I came across the Forever 35 Podcast. It’s “a podcast about the things we do take care of ourselves,” and by listening to it, I’m reminded regularly to take time for self-care. What’s especially nice about the podcast is that its definition of self-care is very broad. The hosts discuss everything from natural beauty products to getting help for anxiety and depression.

Decorating My Workspace
As I mentioned above and in other posts, I recently started a new job, and with this new job came a new desk and workspace. The desk I had in my previous position did double-duty as my personal workspace and the school library circulation desk. To keep the circulation area organized and easy to maneuver, I didn’t have much on my desk and there wasn’t really a place to decorate the space around it (it was all bookshelves for the collection). In my new workspace, however, I have lots of wall and desk space, so I have gone to to town bringing in my literary decorations and ordering cute office supplies. It’s been great fun! I especially enjoy my bright pink stapler and squirrel-shaped tape dispenser 🙂

Hard Seltzer
When my husband and I saw an ad for hard seltzer in a magazine, we both scoffed and agreed that it sounded disgusting. But us being us, we still had to try it, just to say we had. And…we loved it! Our favorite brand is White Claw and all the flavors are great. I’m a bit ashamed to say that I loved Smirnoff Ice in my younger years, but as I’ve gotten older, drinks like those now taste sickly sweet. The hard seltzers offer a similar lively effervescence (I do like my bubbles!) without the excessive sugar.

Sun & Sand Candle from Yankee Candle
This spring has been very un-springlike, but when I light the Sun & Sand scented candle from Yankee Candle, it’s like I’ve been transported to the beach in summer. I can’t wait for actual summer to arrive, but at least it smells like my favorite season at home.

Dreadlock Holiday, by 10cc
In addition to enjoying a summery aroma, I’ve also been loving summery music. To me, nothing says summer more than reggae, and “Dreadlock Holiday” is just perfect for daydreaming about being in the Caribbean soaking up the sun. This song has inspired me to bump Jamaica up on my list places I want to visit!


What’s been making you happy recently? Please share in the comments below!

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