What’s Making Me Happy, Vol. 13

I love warm weather, but 95 degrees with 100% humidity is a bit much for me to bear. Luckily, there are lots of things distracting me from the heat and putting a smile on my face.

Check out what’s making me happy:

Planet Fitness Massage Chairs While Watching Say Yes To the Dress
I joined Planet Fitness a few months ago at the basic membership level, but the unlimited chair- and hydro-massages that come with the Black Card membership were too tempting. I upgraded and am taking advantage of the perks every time I go to the gym. After I workout and shower, I plop myself into one of the massage chairs, flip on Say Yes To the Dress: Atlanta on the TV and love my life. It’s the perfect way to start the morning.

Fresh Flowers from Trader Joe’s
I have a brown thumb. Nay, a black thumb! Even my air plants have died. I’ve decided to accept this about myself, ditch live plants, and embrace fresh-cut (aka already dead) flowers. What better place to start my floral adventures than Trader Joe’s? At $3.99 for a mixed bouquet, the price can’t be beat and mine bloom for a full week. That’s longer than a lot of the real plants I’ve owned! The flowers really liven up a room and make me smile any time I see them.

Scratch-and-Sniff Stamps
I’m not usually one for gimmicks, but scratch-and-sniff stamps are one that I’m happy to fall for. The first-ever USPS scratch-and-sniff stamps feature all different kinds of frozen treats with the scents to match. Scratch-and-sniff stickers were my jam back in elementary school, but I never used them because there didn’t seem to be anything special enough to affix them to. The nice thing about scented stamps is that they have a practical purpose, so I will actually use them. I’d be wasting money if I didn’t. Let me know if you have a birthday coming up, and maybe you’ll get a card from me with a yummy stamp on it!

Puppy Prep
Puppy Prep is a BuzzFeed show available on YouTube and Hulu that makes me grin from ear to ear whenever I put it on. The show follows a handful of puppies being trained as service dogs, and the aww-factor is ridiculously high. I have just one criticism: there is only one season so far and it’s only 5 episodes long. The world will be a better place if BuzzFeed continues making new seasons indefinitely. They should get on it!


What’s making you happy this month? Please share in the comments below!

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